Search Engine Magnets

 A search engine can't tell the difference between a blog and a traditional Web site. 

It is simply that blogs contain the kinds of data that are especially alluring to search engines. Google doesn't care about Flash animation or graphics.

What it wants is content in the form of words, and that is what blogs provide-words, and lots of them. Not only that, thanks to the way blogs format Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), content is served up in a manner most appealing to the engines. Quite simply, blogs are search engine magnets!

Blogs, by their very design, meet the current requirements for search engines and search traffic. Search engines need to deliver the latest information accurately, and search engine traffic wants the most accurate information now. Blogs are highly relevant in their niches and are the best sources online right now for the most up-to-date information.

Blogs get crawled more quickly and more often. Because blogs are lean in terms of the underlying code used to produce them, search engine "spiders" can crawl your blog faster. Not only that, because blogs tend to be updated more frequently with fresh new content, search engine spiders visit them more often. This means that blogs get their content into search results in hours and days rather than weeks and months. In fact, there are search engines dedicated solely to blogs, such as Technorati that often can include new blog content in their results in just a few minutes. For any assistance please let me know to help you.