Get on 1st Page of Google

 Too much money is wasted daily on Google Pay Per Click advertising. I few years back I had an epiphany that changed the way I drove traffic to sites that I am going to share with you. This simple process will increase your traffic by 4 or 5 times absolutely free.

One Sunday afternoon, after watching a popular movie based on the concept I transformed into Google Gold, I developed my theory and application of "reverse engineered marketing".

I noticed that when searching for very common, generic terms I was getting results in the millions, the perfect page for me could have been on page 44,000 and I would never find it. But when I searched a bit more specifically, much more like most people search, the page results dropped dramatically.

I thought of a few products I was promoting and put myself in the head of my ideal consumer, trying out different searches in quotation marks until I found a phrase that resulted in less than 10,000 results. That cut down my competition for that phrase by over 100,000%! I then made sure to use that phrase as the EXACT title for the advertisements for my promotion. I placed ads for my products on numerous Google Friendly free posting boards. It is simple to figure out the best places to post your ad when you're thinking in reverse. Just perform a few different searches similar to you chosen ad title and keep track of the top results until you figure out a pattern, which should not take more than a few searches. Simply follow the links that you identified and post your ads on those sites. Submitting to multiple postings with cross links will greatly increase your placements. The Google spiders should track the links within 2 weeks.

Each ad that I applied this theory to made it onto the 1st page of results within a 2 week period and still remain there today!!

My sales increased by over 400% and are predictable and consistent. This theory is easy, effective and best of all FREE! I have been building upon this theory of reverse engineered marketing for the past two years. It is amazing how simple it is to gain a true understanding of the search engine results equation by utilizing this simple line of thinking.

This theory works great for the small to medium sized marketing campaign as you are purposely restricting your market to target very specific searches. To read more about more in depth strategies required for a larger, long term marketing campaign please click the link below!